Sibal Ulew Thermal Spa

Sibal Ulew

Sibal Ulew Thermal Spa is an oasis of relaxation and tranquility, surrounded by majestic mountains and a natural setting just minutes away from Quetzaltenango city, the Spa is a place where different necessary elements are combined to achieve inner wellbeing, to relief stress and as an ending result balancing the body, mind and soul. Our treatments are designed taking into account the needs that every day work can cause. Our professional therapists are specialized in massages and soft tissue, facial, body and rehabilitation therapies, We invite you to escape from the routine, the monotony and problems, and wrap yourself in a Zen experience.

All services offered at Sibal Ulew are professional, ensuring better blood circulation, muscle relaxation and improvement on the nervous system, in addition they decrease diseases caused by stress.

To take advantage of the natural steam sauna we invite our guests to arrive 60 minutes before their appointmentr, please be punctual so we can offer you the best service possible.



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Swedish Massage

Relaxing therapeutic massages help to eliminate muscular tension. The toning benefits and relaxation help blood circulation eliminate toxins and help the body reencounter its natural equilibrium.

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5


European Techniques

Relaxing therapeutic massages help to reduce muscular tension, benefit tendons, promote greater flexibility, increase the capacity of lubrication of articulations, and reduce contractures and postural pains.

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5


Candlelight Message

This relaxing therapeutic massage helps to awaken your senses by means of  relaxing aromatic stimuli, which contribute to getting rid of any illnesses, and calm the nerves. Once the candles are lit, their essence impregnates the cabin with pleasant scent, giving you well-being and ridding you of corporal tension.

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5


Four-hands massages (upon availability)

Our Swedish Candle Massages use the “tandem technique” where two therapists do the massage simultaneously, synchronizing force and rhythm to create an especially relaxing sensation with maximum effect due to its anti-stress and antidepressant elements. This massage helps relieve insomnia , improve  concentration and stimulate the coetaneous receptors and muscles.

Time: 30 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5


Neuro-sedative Massage

This therapy is done manually and acts on the nervous system, recalibrating your physical organism and fine-tuning your emotional equilibrium. It is highly effective for those who suffer from acute emotional stress, phobias, depression, nervous disorders, psychological exhaustion and insomnia. 

Time: 30 Minutes Degree of depth: 1/5


“Mother’s Womb” Massage

This gentle massage tends to sensitize the entire body. It generates a physical and spiritual integrity and transmits, as a result, a sensation of peace and profound relaxation. It contributes to overcoming states of depression.

Time: 30 Minutes Degree of depth: 1/5



Pindas Massages

Excellent, relaxing massages are applied,  using different medicinal herbal teabags. The benefits of thermotherapy act over skin pores, facilitating absorption of the beneficial essences. These massages help to reduce discomfort, acting as muscular analgesic, relieving insomnia, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, depression, arthritis, and backache.  They help articulations and increase blood  circulation.

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5



This Relaxing therapeutic massage uses  stones of different sizes at moderate temperatures, relieve muscle spasms, lower stress, and fortify the immune system. It is very effective for people who have muscular pain, insomnia, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, arthritis, backache, elevated stress and some specific kinds of circulatory problems.

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5



This is a relaxing therapeutic massage using bamboo sticks that gently kneads the muscles to obtain a perfect energy balance of the body. This technique reactivates blood circulation, gets rid of toxins and releases accumulated stress.

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 5/5



This relaxing therapeutic massage works by means of the oriental technique of Chinese Spheres where the sounds emitted activate the YIN, and the other, the YANG. Energetic points feed the human Chi and body, improve muscle tone, strengthen the bones, clear the mind, eliminate fatigue and generate a sensation of total relaxation.

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5


Message based on instruments from wood.

This massage  style uses wooden instruments. It produces a corporal stimulation that helps to reduce levels of stress, activates cellular renewal, tones the body, treats cellulites, reduces fat deposits, and attacks different pains like backache and stiff neck. It is characterized by energetic stimulation and deep relaxation, which provides comfort and tranquility .

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 3/5


Cups Massage

These relaxing massages are based upon an ancestral therapy, which benefits the body, getting rid of negative energy and muscles spasms. They also reduce cellulites and increase circulation of the blood .

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 3/5


Quirogolf Massage

These relaxing massages  use  pioneering techniques that act synergistically, relaxing the muscles, decreasing tension, recovering the body’s energy, warming the muscles, improving the body’s flexibility and helping the blood circulation .

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5




Relieve yourself of pain, fatigue and muscle spasms with a specialized massage! Treat your back, arms, neck, head and legs to a delightful, localized message! You can choose from: Manual, Pindas, Piedras, Bambú, Esferas Chinas, copas, Madero terapia y quirogolf. Manual, Pindas, Stones, Bamboo, Chinese Spheres, Cups, Wood Therapy.

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5



Relaxing, delicate massage with combined techniques, applied manually, to get rid of tension. It also produces exfoliation, removing impurities of the back, giving a fresh and relaxing sensation.

Time: 30 Minutes Degree of depth: 3/5



Shoulders, Neck, Face and Head. This massage acts on the parts our body most affected by daily, accumulated stress , helping to eliminate muscle spasms and create a sensation of peace.

Time: 20-25 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5



It consists of stimulus-reflex  points on the feet, which are connected, with the entire nervous system of the body as well as other organs. It helps  to relieve associated disorders like stress, migraine, asthma, digestive disorders, bone and muscle dysfunction, arthritis, menstrual and menopausal problems. 

Time: 30 Minutes Degree of depth: 4/5



PEDIATRIC MASSAGE (babies  and children under 12 years old.)

The pediatric massage stimulates children’s and infants’ developing senses, promotes physical growth, effectively nourishes the skin and helps to establish rhythmic breathing. It also emotionally and mentally, reduces stress levels, strengthens the immune system, enhances the secretion of digestive hormones, positively influences in healthy sleep patterns, reduces tension when teething, and relieves congestion, colic and gas.

Time: 20 Minutes Degree of depth: 1/5


GERIATRIC MASSAGE (for adults over 65.)

The geriatric massage is a form of manipulation, which satisfies the specific needs of the older adult. Gentle movements such as stretches are done to promote sensations of comfort and relaxation in shoulders, legs, back, feet and abdomen, restoring joint mobility and flexibility.

Time: 60 Minutes Degree of depth: 2/5


[ppmtoggle title=”Faciales”]

You can apply for an evaluation to evaluate and acertain your skin type.

Natural Detoxifying Facial (Honey or clay)

This is an alternative to give your skin a rest, detoxify it and give it a deep cleansing. Your countenance is always exposed to pollutants, irritation, dirt and makeup. Pamper yourself with a much deserved facial!

Time: 45 Minutes



This is a professional facial treatment which combines many factors like, facial cleansing, exfoliation or microdermoabrasion to maintain youthful skin, vacuum therapy for getting rid of impurities, facial toning, high frequency waves which help carry more oxygen and nutrients to tissues by means of a nutritive ampoule containing collagen and hyaluronic acid, a facial mask according to skin type, and finishing up with a hydration. Normal skin, Combined skin, Anti-age or sensitive or Acneic

Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes approximately.


[ppmtoggle title=”BODY THERAPIES”]

A corporeal treatment, consisting of an elimination of impurities by means of exfoliation, body masks, hydro massage and body hydration. These treatments are administered according to the type of skin and the needs of the individual.

  • Chocolate (hydrates, improves the circulation, eliminates free radicals, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and softens wrinkles.)
  • Clay (helps to balance the Ph/oil content of the skin, reduces inflammation, helps relieve nervous tension and eliminates free radicals.)
  • Coffee (helps to combat stretch marks, orange peel skin and detoxifies.)
  • Wine (Rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin.)
  • Other elements, according to the season and availability.

Time: 2 hours.



Exfoliation to remove impurities, sulfur thermal water showers and body hydration.

Time: 40 minutes


Beauty Treatments

  • Manicures,
  • Pedicures,
  • Eyelash curling,
  • Nails, depilation and much more.


Others services

  • Ancestral sauna (tuj)
  • Jacuzzi With or without bubbles
  • Small spa boutique


Ask about our “packages”

  • Executive programs
  • Group packages
  • Personal packages
  • All-included package
  • Rehabilitation package
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It is considered a discipline that integrates body and mind through the implementation of various positions. Its foundation is conscious breathing to promote a state of serenity and harmony.

Eco-Saunas “Las Cumbres” we care about the well-being of our guests and visitors, that is why now we offer an ideal place to practice yoga every weekend and special packages to enjoy this beautiful space experience .

The constant practice of yoga improves muscle-skeletal, respiratory, digestive and cardiac system. Mentally favors attention, concentration and memory. A Transpersonal level yoga is a Way of Making “because it symbolizes a transformation tool approaching the person to the essence of your being. Yoga invites the unification of the individual and the transcendent in everyday life.